hello there!

i'm domi,

an artist with a passion for opensource software, 3d modeling & photography! i also like to crochet and i'm sloooowly learning to rollerskate!
i learned some html and css by customizing my tumblr blog and i'm still learning, so i hope you'll understand if some things look janky ^_^"

i'm working on a resources page; in the meantime, why don't you check out my latest addition to the site?

see you around! :D

other hangout spots:

this is an anti-nft site i support right to repair support the internet archive piracy is cool please switch to firefox i'm asking nicely again, no nfts queer pride bob :3 acab non binary pride trans your gender you're telling me a queer coded this? old man yaoi neocities
install ublock origin look if you dont trust firefox maybe try palemoon but please, PLEASE leave chrome